This package is ideal for the budget-minded travelers that seek the perfect balance between Greece's unique history and culture, peaceful relaxation, and lively island nightlife. Starting from the historical capital of Greece, Athens, visit unique ancient remnants and enjoy the privileges of Greece's megalopolis. Continue with a visit to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. Enjoy its endless beaches and nonstop nightlife, because of which the island is said to be the place where Dionysus, the god of merriment and wine, still reigns. Stroll around its white-washed alleys, between traditional taverns and exquisite restaurants and admire the magic scenery where sugar-cubed houses are gathered around a marina dotted with colorful fishing boats and windmills stand confident connecting the past with the present. Then heave your anchors for a 4-day cruise. First stop is the cosmopolitan resort of Kusadasi, the eastern beauty of which will certainly enchant you. Then enjoy the unique mystical experience on the "The Jerusalem of the Aegean", the place where St. John had his vision and wrote the apocalypse, the island of Patmos. Then, moor in the port of Crete and visit the palace of Knossos. Last but not least, head to the crescent-shaped island of Santorini and enjoy and oral medley of candy-colored houses backdropped by unique sunsets and the vast blue sea and nestled on the top of dramatic black volcanic rock formations.

3 Nights Aegean Cruise
Price $200
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